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Meet Balvina: Social Work Major & Jack of All Trades

September 30, 2019

Balvina is a second year University student studying Social Work while also volunteering as a substitute teacher and teaching yoga.  She is truly a jack of all trades, and she never ceases to amaze. We’re so proud to introduce you to this wonderfully ambitious young woman!


I have been with the Education for the Children Foundation since the beginning.

I started studying at EFTC in 2005 in Kindergarten when we heard about the Foundation through my grandmother who then gave the information to my mother. I studied from kindergarten through elementary and middle school at the School of Hope. Now, nineteen years later, I am part of EFTC´s Further Education program, currently studying Social Work at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala City. I’m studying Social Work because I have a lot of empathy, and I want to serve and give back. Since I was a little girl, I have always liked to help other people, especially my mother.

The support I receive from the Further Education Department is substantial. They help me in every way I need to complete my university studies. This means that all my materials are provided, such as textbooks, pens, poster board for assignments, and I have access to photocopies and printing. I have also received career and personal guidance from specialized counselors throughout the years who have helped me find work experience, write and edit my CV. I’ve also attended workshops on study skills, essay writing and youth empowerment. Without this help and support, I would not have succeeded in my studies. Even though I no longer study every day at the School of Hope, I am always welcome to come back to visit my old teachers, use the computer and study spaces, and catch up with my friends.


Without this help and support, I would not have succeeded in my studies.



Project Apoyo Sponsorships for elementary and university students.
Balvina’s sponsors, Christina and Andrew Abrams happened to visit on a day she was substituting for a Kindergarten class that includes Loghan, who they also sponsor. It was a true family affair!


Sometimes, I also work as a substitute teacher at the School of Hope. Normally I am substituting in Kindergarten (one section is sponsored by Project Apoyo) or 1st Grade classes. This has been a new and unique experience in my life, and made me imagine that maybe one day I could be a teacher. It is so wonderful to spend time with the little ones, and the love each of them gives to me is incredible. I feel loved and appreciated by them each day that I’m in the classroom. This is one of the biggest motivations for me to improve as their teacher every single class.


If I could give one piece of advice to younger students at the School of Hope, it would be to take the opportunities you have been blessed with as a student and to appreciate the time you receive to learn, grow, and truly discover what path your life should take.


When I wake up every day, I am surrounded by inspiration to keep studying and working towards a better future. My mother is my biggest inspiration and my strongest supporter, and I always want to help her. I have a clear set of goals I would like to accomplish in my life, and these push me every day to study harder, reach higher and dream bigger.

I would like to take a moment to thank my sponsors, Christina and Andrew. Thank you so much for the support you have blessed me with, because it is contributing to my goals little by little, day by day. Thank you for believing in me, for my sponsorship and thank you for being incredible people!


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Project Apoyo Sponsorship Program.

Balvina del Rosario
Social Work Major


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