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We sponsor students and train teachers to ensure that everyone gets the quality education they deserve. But, we don’t stop there, because we know that a degree alone does not equate to a successful life. That’s why through our entrepreneurship program, we are passionate about funding the incredible business spirit of young Guatemalans.

  • Elias' Top Man Barber Shop

    Elias has been to school his entire life thanks to the EFTC, from kindergarten through college, where he now studies graphic design. He’s parlayed those creative skills into launching Top Man barbershop, where he offers locals of all ages hair cuts at a fair market price. One of the coolest parts about his business is that it’s located very close to the school where it all began. Check out his full story below.

  • Cafe Luna: Internet & Libreria

    In the very same location where we launched our first small business now stands Cafe Luna, a hip little village hangout with 5 computers offering internet and printing. This is the only access to public internet for miles, but Gloria Callejas doesn’t stop there; she’s not just running a for-profit business. Here, her mission goes hand in hand with our Literacy + Leaders program as she offers free internet and printing to students as well as a spot for 1-on-1 tutoring. With a goal to hire single mothers from the village, Cafe Luna could have a far, far-reaching impact on the entire community.

  • Adolfo's Ice Cream Shop

    Adolfo is studying Hotel Management and Gastronomy at University because he loves everything related to gastronomy, economics, administration, and customer service. This loves shines through at Ana Cream, a deliciously sweet ice cream shop located near the bustling town plaza of Jocotenango. He wants his shop to be characterized by innovation with a focus on his customers’ experience. Ultimately he wishes to create good moments by sharing my love of ice cream with them. CLICK HERE to read more about Adolfo’s sweet dreams coming true.

  • Guadalupe's Crepe Company

    Guadalupe is currently finishing up a psychology degree on an EFTC scholarship, but she’s got even bigger dreams cookin’! With her grant, she’s launched Luna Crepas, a small restaurant where people can get to-go orders or receive their food via delivery. She created the business based on three pillars of a Guatemalan saying: good quality, good prices, and great service. The menu will begin with crepes, but she plans to grow it to include a diverse drink menu and fast food options including local cuisine.

  • Kimberly's Clothing Company

    Kimberly graduated from a local fashion and design school on an EFTC scholarship and continued to study in more specialized design courses. She dreamed of one day owning her own clothing business, she just needed a little financial help to make that happen. She applied for and won our first Entrepreneurship grant, and hit the ground running. What started out as a business sewing masks during the pandemic now has a bright future of growth ahead!


    Our pilot micro-loan was given to create a local bakery called Bread Bros, run by Juan and Andres Arias, which has already outgrown its original location, moved to a new one in San Lucas, and has grown to 5 employees with a plan to hire even more. 20+ products are freshly made and sold to the community, 2 NGOs, 5 restaurants in Antigua, and 8 area schools. The bakers and operations team not only receive hands-on mentoring from us, but also nationally-certified training classes on baking and business development. The business is profitable, and the team is now paying back the loan, where this money will be reinvested right back into the community. Click here to meet the owners and learn more about what we’ve got cooking!