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Our mission is simple.

Connect to Make Impact.

Our Why

Apoyo means “support” in Spanish, and it’s our mission to be that helping hand on the path to stronger communities. We believe this starts with education and opportunity. What we don’t believe, however, is that you should miss out on a great education or an exciting business opportunity just because of where you live.

As a student sponsor, your donations allow a student to not only attend elementary school but go on to higher education, creating a path toward a better life through our partnership with the Education for the Children Foundation. As a Literacy + Leaders program donor, you’ll help build libraries and create sustainable literacy programs. As an entrepreneurship grant partner, you’ll play a vital part in jumpstarting small businesses with students and families who are ready to take the next step for their communities.

Why We're Different

We are passionate about connecting you to leaders of schools, organizations, and communities to make a lasting impact. With Project Apoyo, it’s not just a monthly donation and a magnet on your refrigerator. It’s a commitment to changing lives through education and opportunity. We believe that poverty is broken through education + employment, and we want to show you the life-changing results of your selfless giving.

We’re entrenched, partnering with community leaders and schools who are pulling the rope in the same direction. Rest assured, your donations go directly to and stay in these communities. You’ll know this to be true because it’s our promise to keep you connected the entire time. Through letters and photos with the students, teachers, and business owners you empower, you are creating true relationships that encourage, excite, and empower!


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