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We can do more...together.

It’s our promise to create educational + employment opportunities. That’s why we partner with the best and brightest people and organizations who share this same passion.

  • Education for the Children Foundation

    The EFTC is an international NGO that leads our student sponsorship program. Their School of Hope (60+ staff members) is located in Jocotenango, Guatemala: an urban area where extreme poverty, gang crime, domestic violence, and alcoholism are everyday realities. Food, healthcare, counseling, and career guidance at the school remove obstacles to education and enable our students to realize their potential. We are so proud to partner with the EFTC and strongly believe in their mission to break the cycle of poverty! Learn More.

  • Provee

    Provee means “to provide” in Spanish, and that’s what this group is all about. They are a Non-Profit organization dedicated to improving the spiritual and physical lives of the impoverished in Central and South America with Christian discipleship, improved nutrition, higher education, and community involvement projects. They are truly entrenched in the San Lucas area and have been an incredible friend and asset to our mission. Provee was instrumental in helping us launch our first micro-business, Bread Bros, and they continue to assist us with choosing schools for our Literacy + Leaders Program. Learn More.