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(we love) what we do.


Our sponsors are paired with students from impoverished backgrounds who are provided with a high-quality education from the Education for the Children Foundation’s School of Hope and beyond. Here, they’re empowered to become motivated, confident and employable; a different take on sponsorships as sponsors will follow the student from kindergarten on to further education (high school and university). This leads to rewarding employment that will improve their quality of life, help them break free from the cycle of poverty and become leaders of change in their communities.


Our pilot micro-business is located in the tiny pueblo of Chicamen. Here, Giovanni and Gloria Rejocallejas manage the bakery, a true family business as their daughters chip in and they’ve even hired an employee! The fresh bread made here is sold to the community, other organizations and all eight schools in the San Lucas School District. A percentage of the profits will come right back into the community through education and opportunity efforts via our partner, the Provee Fundación.


Through the generous donations of a team from the States, we are providing breakfasts for 300+
students at the school in the pueblo of Manzanillo. Typically, the government gives Guatemalan schools just 1 quetzal (or $0.13) per student. We are humbled to replace this meager offering with a hearty meal each and every school day. We value education dearly and believe that you can’t learn on an empty stomach!