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Project Apoyo is changing the way you think about charity. We’re committed to improving Guatemalan communities through education and business opportunities with interactive, hands-on love.

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75% of the Guatemalan population lives below the poverty line and only 10% of children will ever reach high school.
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Our first venture,
pur[SHOE]ing joy
flourished because of your
generosity. You gave 22,000
pairs of shoes and caused the
best problem we could have
imagined: we couldn’t keep up
with the educational portion
of our goal because we
had so many shoes.

But, we are as passionate as ever. Our Solution? Project Apoyo.

APOYO means “support” in Spanish, and it’s our mission to be that helping hand on the path to stronger communities.
We believe this starts with EDUCATION and OPPORTUNITY.

Here's how you can help


We are passionate about connecting you to these children and these families. With Project Apoyo, it’s not just a monthly donation and a magnet on your refrigerator. It’s a commitment to changing lives through education and opportunity.


We have seen first hand — it takes a village. With the support of our own villages, we partner with the leaders of these communities, who share our passion in creating opportunity for future generations. We believe in communities helping communities.


Opening one door opens up a whole new world of opportunity. Whether it’s the chance to obtain an education, earn a paycheck or learn a lifelong skill, we are in the opportunity-creation business. We refuse to let a lack of resources determine someone’s opportunity. When doors open, lives change.


It’s so much more than a donation value. We want to create a relationship that you cherish by showing you the life-changing results of your selfless giving. Through the exchange of letters and photos, you are encouraging, challenging, and empowering children and their families.