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Looking Back at pur[SHOE]ing Joy

February 1, 2018

Joy Unspeakable

“Joy unspeakable” was redefined for us in October of 2013. A conversation with Karina, a single mother of 10 children showed us first hand, the lack of education and resources in Guatemala. In an attempt to send her kids to school, we hit a road block; her kids couldn’t go to school because they did not have shoes. This seemed like a simple problem-solution for us. SO we gifted to the eldest boy, a used, dusty hot pink pair of Nike tennis shoes. His face lit up with joy, but he had no words. pur[SHOE]ing Joy was born.

Over the next 4 years, through your generosity, we were able to give over 22,000 pairs of shoes to the people of Guatemala. You caused the greatest problem we could have ever imagined. Our goal wasn’t to reach a certain number of shoes, our goal was to walk alongside these kids, supporting them through their education. The problem was, we couldn’t keep up. 22,000 kids were now one step closer to school because of your shoes, but 22,000 kids still lacked the financial resources to be able to walk in the doors of the school.


Children receive shoes at our first delivery in Santa Maria de Jesus


To place a mirror to self has been the most humbling experience to date. To admit, after years of packing, shipping and gifting shoes, that we found a more effective way to get to our goal has been our greatest confession. To seek our Father for the direction in which He wants us to go, has been the clearest road we’ve ever been down. To step aside and realize He is using us to create Project Apoyo, has been the greatest adventure to date.


Unspeakable Joy, y’all.


– Shelby



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So incredibly proud of you guys!