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Meet Geovanni, Head Baker

January 7, 2020

“My life has changed dramatically. I am now am able to have a steady income to support my family, and we are able to buy things that I never imagined I would have to make our lives better.”


Geovanni is the amazing Head Baker at Pandería Apoyo, the bakery that received our pilot micro-business loan. It has been our joy to watch the bakery grow, and in turn see the joy that their delicious products bring to schools, orphanages, restaurants and in cafes. We’re also keeping it in the family this school year as the School of Hope where we sponsor students is now buying bread as well!

Geovanni grew up in the small town of El Tejar, a municipality in the department of Chimaltenango right outside of Antigua. He lives with his beautiful wife and their two amazing children, a 16 year old son and a 9 year old daughter. Geovanni has a passion for baking that is unmatched, and a heart for others that is seen in everything he does. 

Growing up, Geovanni made it to middle school before he had to stop to help his family earn money (something that is all too common here in Guatemala). He comes from a long line of bakers, and his family helped him learn to make bread and cook from the time he could walk and talk. Geovanni’s passion for baking began at a young age, and his talent keeps growing as he gets older!

When asked what his favorite part of working in the bakery was, Geovanni said he loved the simple, yet complicated process of making bread. This is because he enjoys seeing the final result, and he adores making any type of bread that can be smelled throughout the entire bakery. 



Currently, our team helps Geovanni grow his talents through regular classes at INTECAP, a trade school in Guatemala as well as with his skills in running the business. He loves to learn and greatly values these classes. In the future, Geovanni aspires to learn even more baking specialties and techniques, especially those that will help him make beautiful cakes that people can come buy from the bakery for special occasions. 

Being raised in a family of bakers, naturally Geovanni grew up with dreams of one day owning his own bakery or restaurant. We are proud that with the experience he is gaining working in the bakery, and the skills he is learning from our team, his dream will one day come true. We can’t wait to support him every step of the way, because it’s easy to see how much he values this opportunity to have gainful employment. 

Geovanni is an incredibly hard worker who appreciates every new day and provides for others any chance he gets. We are so lucky to be able to know Geovanni and get to share in the joy in the bread and pastries that he makes. More importantly, we are proud to be a part of his story and the impact of the dignity of a job. 


“It is my dream that one day the bakery can employ as many people as possible, and I can help give them the opportunities that this job has given me and my family.”



Hannah Puddy
Project Apoyo Intern

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